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Amateur Porn Star Recruitment Company, filming in Central London and Surrey Studios.

Voyeur Service

Want to see a porn film being  made?

We can arrange it for you.

Come to our studio to watch us in action.

Voyeurs (and budding porn movie directors) application form

We regularly get asked if people can come and  watch a porn film being made, so we have recently started letting a few people on set to see exactly what goes on.  Normally we only have an all female crew on set as the male performers prefer it that way but our more experienced male performers don't mind a few guys or couples watching the action from time to time.

So if you are interested in watching a porn film being made or you are looking to make you own porn movies someday, why not come down for a day to see how it is done.  

We do charge for this service (to ensure only genuine people apply) but it's very reasonable and we guarantee you will be well looked after. Just use the form below to send us your details and we will get back to you.

PS If you're thinking about starring in one of our amateur porn movies but are a little nervous about being on a film set, this is also a great way to come and have a look and to see what happens before taking the plunge








Type of film



You must be a minimum age of 21

Where in the UK are you living         (You MUST be in the UK to apply)

These are the sort of films you would be comfortable watching being made. Tick all that apply

Please use this box to add any comments or to ask any questions you may have.

When you send your enquiry to us we will get back to you with some more details and the small cost associated with this service.